Schema and guidelines for creating a staticSearch engine for your HTML5 site
Martin Holmes
Joey Takeda

This documentation provides instructions on how to use the Project Endings staticSearch Generator to provide a fully-functional search ‘engine’ to your website without any dependency on server-side code such as a database.

6 How do I get it?

There are two ways to get the staticSearch code. The first is to download a release package from the project release page; we recommend that you get the latest version. You can download a zip file and unzip it to create a folder containing the code.

The second way to get the codebase is to clone it from the GitHub repository. If you're doing this, you can clone either the current master branch, the last release tag, or the dev branch. If you clone the dev branch, bear in mind that you're working with development code and things may break.

Martin Holmes and Joey Takeda. Date: 2019-2023