Schema and guidelines for creating a staticSearch engine for your HTML5 site
Martin Holmes
Joey Takeda

This documentation provides instructions on how to use the Project Endings staticSearch Generator to provide a fully-functional search ‘engine’ to your website without any dependency on server-side code such as a database.

5 Search page captions

Various captions (‘Searching...’, ‘Documents found’, ‘Score’ and so on) are shown during operations in the search page. These captions are currently configured in the JavaScript file ssSearch.js in the form of a JavaScript array which has both English and French captions. The caption language is selected based on the lang attribute on the root <html> element of the search page; if there are no captions configured for the language in the lang attribute, the default English captions are used.

If your search page is in a language other than English and French, please contribute to the project by providing captions in that language so that we can increase the number of languages supported by the project. When the number of available language caption sets becomes significant, we will abstract them from the core JavaScript library and store them in a separate location, inserting them into the page at build time instead.

Martin Holmes and Joey Takeda. Date: 2019-2023