Schema and guidelines for creating a staticSearch engine for your HTML5 site
Martin Holmes
Joey Takeda

This documentation provides instructions on how to use the Project Endings staticSearch Generator to provide a fully-functional search ‘engine’ to your website without any dependency on server-side code such as a database.

1 What does it do?

The generator tool processes your site to create an index of all the words appearing in the site, stemmed (if desired) using a stemmer, and stores the index in the form of a large number of small JSON files. It also creates JSON files for other search facets that you specify in the headers of your documents, to allow searches for documents by type, by date range, and so on. Then it creates a search page for your site, which processes user search terms and retrieves the required JSON files to provide search results.

You can see several examples of sites and projects which use staticSearch in Projects using staticSearch.

Martin Holmes and Joey Takeda. Date: 2019-2023