Date Time Presentations
2021-04-15 (Thursday) 1:00 pm PST The Danger of Disappearance.
Sara Diamond, OCAD University
2021-04-15 (Thursday) 2:15 pm PST The Preservation of Critical Digital Archives: Obstacles and Affordances.
Claire Battershill, University of Toronto
2021-04-19 (Monday) 1:00 pm PST ‘Best Practices’: Some Perspectives on Collaboration and Project Development.
Jim McGrath, Northeastern University
2021-04-19 (Monday) 2:15 pm PST Documentation and Transformations in Digital Preservation.
Jan Marontate, Simon Fraser University
2021-04-22 (Thursday) 1:00 pm PST Follow the Money?
Jessica Otis, George Mason University
2021-04-22 (Thursday) 2:15 pm PST Doing It for Ourselves: The new Archive Built by and Reponsive to the Researcher.
Nick Thieberger, University of Melbourne
2021-04-26 (Monday) 1:00 pm PST Data Preparation: Striving to Balance Sustainability and Innovation.
Constance Crompton, University of Ottawa
2021-04-26 (Monday) 2:15 pm PST Adventures in Hosting and Storage.
James Cummings, Newcastle University